Car Service Kits

A car service generally involves checking a number of items and components on a vehicle and to change, clean and adjust them where necessary. It is very important to have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals, particularly as they get older. A service ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard, and performs at its optimum level, and that your car will run as smoothly, safely, efficiently and reliably as possible.

If you consider yourself a hands-on person and feel confident in your practical skills then you could attempt to service your own vehicle. With a little knowledge and the right equipment it is usually fairly easy to service your own car to a reasonable extent. As well as potentially saving yourself a considerable amount of money you also have the added advantages of knowing that high quality components have been used, and that the job has been carried out properly with due care and diligence.

Automotive Components Specialist stock servicing kits for all makes and models of car. Our service kits include all the tools, equipment and components that you would need to service your own vehicle to a reasonable extent.

Car Servicing Checklist

Here is a checklist of some things to consider when servicing your own vehicle;

  • Check for damage to trims, number plates, bodywork and mirrors etc
  • ABS check including all interior warning lights and horn
  • Condition and operation of all seatbelts checked
  • Operational checks of interior and exterior lights and switches
  • Front and rear windscreen wipers and washers checks
  • Condition checked of the security of windscreen and rear view mirror
  • Fuel cap check
  • Air conditioning check
  • Top up power steering reservoir if needed
  • Air filter check and replace if necessary
  • Condition and security of battery checked
  • Clutch operation check
  • Handbrake operation and travel check
  • Gearbox oil/axel oil/transfer box oil (if applicable) checked and topped up
  • All under bonnet fluid levels checked and topped up
  • Brake fluid checked and topped up
  • Anti-freeze checked and topped up
  • Clutch fluid checked and topped up
  • Door hinges, catches and locks lubricated
  • Coolant system checked for leaks
  • Engine cooling fan checked
  • Operation of throttle checked and lubrication as required
  • Air filter replaced
  • Spark plugs replaced if needed
  • Condition of HT leads checked
  • Under body inspection including checks for any corrosion
  • Engine oil replaced
  • Oil filter replaced
  • Condition and security of steering, suspension, mountings and gaitors checked
  • Exhaust system for security and leaks checked
  • Security of fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake cables visually checked
  • Checks for signs of leakage from cylinders / callipers (if applicable)
  • Condition of distributor cap checked
  • Checks for engine and gearbox mounts for wear
  • Visual inspections of radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for security and leaks
  • All wheel bearings checked for noise / free play
  • Condition of tyres checked including adjustment to tyre pressures (if needed)
  • Brake pads/shoes checked
  • Drums and discs checked
  • Service light re-set (most models)

Here is a list of some of the tools you will need when servicing your own vehicle;

  • Oil filter removal tool
  • Spanner set up for sump
  • Screw driver
  • Jack
  • Tyre inflator
  • Oil catch pan
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Anti freeze
  • Washer fluid

Car Service Enfield, Cheshunt, London

If you do not feel confident servicing your vehicle yourself, or would simply prefer it done by competent professionals, then look no further. Automotive Components Specialist also provide professional car servicing, all carried out by our experienced technicians. In addition we also offer a collection & delivery service, perfect for professionals or people with little time to spare. Contact us for more information and our car servicing rates.