Car Exhausts & Catalytic Converters

The exhaust system is the only method a car has for safely outputting the harmful and poisonous fumes that are produced by the engine. A problem with the exhaust itself or any part of it can potentially lead to these hazardous fumes entering the vehicle and being consumed by the driver and passengers.
Exhausts need to be checked regularly, and it is common that the parts exposed to the elements exhibit more signs of wear and tear.

An essential part of maintaining a vehicles ongoing safety and performance is finding a quality exhaust system.
Modern systems and components help to deal with exhaust products in a far more environmentally friendly manner, such as catalytic convertors.

Automotive components Specialist sell a wide range of exhaust systems and catalytic convertors for all makes and models of cars.

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The most important part for controlling car emissions is the catalytic converter. It removes many of the harmful products from the exhaust fumes and cuts pollution. A catalytic converter works by cultivating a chemical reaction caused by the combination of heat and precious metals. Cat converters work at a temperature of 350-400 degrees Celsius, once it has reached this temperature a reaction occurs as the exhaust gases flow through the coated monolith. This causes the harmful gases to be oxidised and converted as they pass through the exhaust system. It is a good idea to check catalytic converters regularly, as although they are relatively simple components they often prove very expensive to replace.

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Automotive Components Specialist stock a wide variety of car exhausts and catalytic converters, for all makes and models of car. Whether its a Vauxhall Corsa or an Audi A3, ACS Ltd have the part that you need. We provide free local delivery on all orders over £30, with same day delivery available if ordered in good time. Contact us for a quote, our prices are always competitive.